What do I feed an Australian native animal?

After native animals are rescued, treated for shock and identified – only then is it time to consider what to feed it. A responsible wildlife carer will need access to suitable food, appropriate housing facilities, foster-caring equipment and good management skills. (Chapter 5: Captive Management)

Tips to help you to feed a native animal:

  • Use reference books or the internet to find out what it eats in the wild.
  • Contact your local wildlife care group for advice.
  • Contact your state Wildlife Authority. (Appendix I)

Native animals feed on a selection of foods found in nature, and which are suitable to their particular species.

For example, sugar gliders, squirrel gliders and the endangered mahogany glider feed on nectar and pollen, as well as eucalypt sap, acacia gum and insects such as beetles and caterpillars. In captivity, its best to provide gliders with a selection of natural foods together with specific supplements to improve nutrition. (Chapter 9: Possums and Gliders)

New carers will also appreciate the comprehensive list of milk replacers, foods and products from Australian suppliers such as Biolac, Wombaroo and Vetafarm. (Appendix III – Specialised Products for Wildlife)