How can I care for an Australian native animal?

After native animals are rescued, they usually require treatment for shock, so please don’t feed them. The first 24 hours of care are so important when caring for a sick, injured or orphaned animal. (Chapter 4: First Aid and Emergency Care)

Tips to help you with emergency care:

  • Provide warmth.
  • Provide a stress-free environment.
  • Provide high-energy fluids.
  • Contact your local wildlife care group or vet clinic for assistance.

Once you have rescued a native animal, such as this Kookaburra, your next step will be to find out how to feed and house it in captivity. (Chapter 5: Captive Management)

Kookaburras use their large strong beaks to feed on rodents, small birds, lizards and small snakes as well as large insects and worms. They can be housed in a large tall aviary with thick branches for perching. Kookaburras do best when returned to the original site they came from, within 3 weeks if possible. (Chapter 8: Birds)