Who should I contact if I find an injured Australian animal?

Many people in the community come across sick or injured wildlife in their backyards. In many cases the very first thing they want to know is – who do I ring?

Tips to help you find a licensed wildlife carer:

  • Contact your local wildlife care group, vet clinic or wildlife hospital.
  • Contact Wildlife Rescue Australia on 1300 596 457.
  • Contact your state Wildlife Authority. (Appendix I)

This Grey Goshawk was found in a park, in very poor condition. Using thick gloves, a towel was thrown over the bird, scooping it up securely and placing it in a cardboard box. Always puncture a few holes at the top of the box for ventilation and place a folded towel at the base. Cardboard boxes are ideal for putting a sick bird in, as the smooth surface of the cardboard protects their feathers. Caring for raptors is a specialised field – these birds have powerful talons and strong sharp beaks. The goshawk was immediately taken to a vet clinic for assessment, but unfortunately it was too weak and had to be euthanased. Raptors must be 100% fit and healthy to survive in the wild. (See Chapter 8: Birds)