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A Practical Guide to the Management of Sick, Injured and Orphaned Native Animals

  • What animal is this?
  • Who should I contact?
  • How can I care for it?
  • What do I feed it?
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In Caring for Australian Wildlife, author Sharon White has written an easy-to-read manual to support and educate wildlife carers. Packed with detailed illustrations and unique photographs, it puts vital information regarding the care and management of Australian native animals at your fingertips.

This revised edition provides the most up-to-date information on the care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in Australia. For new wildlife carers, the book will provide a comprehensive introduction to native animal rescue, rehabilitation and release.

Detailed information about the specific needs of native animals in care are provided, including growth charts, comprehensive feeding tables, housing requirements and hand-rearing tips.
This book has a place in every home and provides a handy reference guide for all wildlife emergencies.

Sharon White has been a wildlife carer for many years. She co-founded WILDCARE in 1996, later developing and teaching the short course ‘Caring for Wildlife’ in Queensland. She is actively involved with Land for Wildlife and has a keen interest in growing Australian native plants and restoring local habitats for wildlife.