Book Review from WIRES Mid-South Coast

I’d like to say a big thank you to the team and editor, Sharon Beder, at WIRES Mid-South Coast who recently included a review in the latest newsletter.

Sharon White, Caring for Australian Wildlife, Australian Geographic, revised edition 2020, 199pp.

This informative and well illustrated book is highly recommended for all wildlife carers, but especially newer WIRES members or those seeking a quick reference on birds and animals they are less familiar with. It provides advice on rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing birds, possums and gliders, kangaroos and wallabies, bats, reptiles and frogs, as well as other small mammals, all in one easily manageable book.

Line illustrations (examples shown in the next section) are particularly helpful as are the multiple tables covering feeding (natural, in captivity and orphaned young) and growth stages. The book also covers wildlife ecology and discusses the ethics of wildlife care and includes several appendices of further information on wildlife authorities as well as products available for carers, a glossary and bibliography.

Author Sharon White is an experienced wildlife carer herself and her book, first published in 1997, has been used as a text for an accredited course on wildlife caring in Queensland.

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